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Low Carb Diet- Why You Should Reduce Your Carb and Sugar Intake

Dr. Afzaal Ahmad

Researcher at American Association for Cancer

Member American Society for Microbiology and Medical Researcher 

Low Carb Diet

Carbohydrates are one of the chief kinds of nutrients. They are the most significant source of energy to the human body. Our digestive system transforms carbohydrates into sugar, blood glucose. Your system uses this sugar for energy to your cells, organs, and cells. It stores any excess sugar in your liver and muscles as if it is required.

A low carb diet restricts carbohydrates such as those present in grains, starchy fruit and vegetables and highlights foods high in fat and protein. Various kinds of low-fat diets exist. Each diet contains varying limitations on the types and quantities of carbs you can eat.

A lot of people with diabetes have been adhering to a low-carb diet due to its advantages concerning improving diabetes management, weight loss as well as a diet that's satisfying and easy to abide by Low-carb diets are elastic and may be followed by people with various kinds of diabetes. The diet also has enabled many individuals with type two diabetes to solve their diabetes, which is to receive their glucose to a wider array without the support of drugs.

Health Benefits of Low Carb Diet

Research has proven that there are many health benefits of low carb diet. Lots of people are a bit confused about Low Carbohydrates Diet, but remember that it is more significant to consume carbs from healthful foods than merely stick to a tight diet, counting the number of grams of carbohydrates absorbed.

  • Role of Low Carb Diet in Weight Loss

    Low Carb Diet is the trendy diet for weight loss. Extra sugar is stored in your liver, bones and other cells for later use or is converted into fat. The logic behind the low-carbohydrate diet is that reducing carbohydrates also reduces glucose levels, which induces the human body to burn fat to energy and finally contributes to weight-loss.

    • Lowering Blood Pressure

      A new study proves that a low-fat diet has been equally fantastic because the weight reduction, but those who followed the low carb diet also undergone a functional decrease in their blood pressure levels. Possessing increased blood pressure is a significant risk factor for several diseases. It may lead to heart disease, stroke,  kidney failure and Several others.Low-carb diets are still an efficient way to decrease blood pressure, which should result in a diminished risk of the diseases and allow you to live more.

      • Reducing Blood Sugar and maintaining Insulin

        Low Carb Diet is also useful in retaining the insulin level as well as decreasing blood sugar. When we eat carbohydrates, they are broken down into simple sugars from the gastrointestinal tract. They go into the blood and increase glucose levels. Since elevated blood sugars are poisonous, the body reacts with a hormone called insulin, which then tells the cells to attract blood glucose to the cells and also to begin burning or keeping it.

        • Alzheimer’s disease and Epilepsy

          Low Carb Diet is very effective against fighting Alzheimer’s disease. The mechanism of action is to consume sufficient amount of fatty acids which will decrease the chances of developing Alzheimer’s disease. Several studies have shown the effectiveness of Low carb diet in epilepsy.


          It is not rocket science. Surplus carbohydrates make you fat. You can control carb intake based upon your degree of effort to accomplish optimum energy levels and fat metabolism. Consuming some carbohydrates is easier on your body than swallowing zero carbohydrates or tons of carbs. The perfect degree of carbohydrate intake for healthy fat reduction is between 75-150 carbs a day based on your activity level.

          The "Low Carb Diet” products are 100% natural, and the manufacturers have provided the guarantee of its efficacy and potency. This product is free of artificial preservatives and non-natural ingredients. Therefore, the products of “Perfect Body & Heart Cafe” has no side effect.

          Dr. Afzaal Ahmad


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