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About us

About Us

Perfect Body & Heart Café Ltd import, manufactures premium quality, high fibre, low carbohydrate food products and drinks for both the retail and wholesale markets.

We aim to help people to lose weight or maintain a desired weight, and maintain or reduce blood glucose levels for diabetics. From children to office workers we assist people from around the world in preventing potential illnesses by steering clear of food types which could be detrimental to the health.

 Perfect Body & Heart Café allows low carb dieters to make their life style more enjoyable. We help people overcome the difficulties which can come with the number of foods prohibited by a low carb diet, including mental cravings, depression and hunger which can cause dieters to quit.

Bringing back integrity to the food industry

We believe that the increased sensitivity of people to sugar and carbohydrates is directly linked to more diabetes, heart disease and heart attacks. And dangerous intake of too much sugars and carbohydrates could be contributing. It all starts with baby food and food products marketed to young children, they are often overloaded with sugar, and the most worrying aspect is that this is often hidden from customers. We are talking about drinks, chocolate, doughnuts, muffins, croissants, yogurt with colourful candies and dairy desserts.

The food industry is leading consumers towards sugar addiction. Sugar addiction results in sugar cravings and hunger, therefore people will buy more and eat more sugar loaded products, creating more profit within the industry.

Last but not least, sugar as a substitute of raw materials results in low quality, cheaper products. These are priced to target low to middle income families, who may be most vulnerable to being enticed by the low cost. Higher income families are also falling victim to the same kind of tactics

  • busy households which work all day are increasingly turning to ready made meals as a substitute for more nutritious options
  • these typically carry a high number of carbohydrates and calories.



    Perfect Body & Heart Café helps people to redeuce their carb and sugar intake, makes their life healthier. From weight loss to healthy skin, there are plenty of reasons to reduce your daily sugar intake see on page benefits.

    Moreover, Heart food is recommended for:


    • Consumers can enjoy previously prohibited food such as pastas, jams and hazelnut spread.
    • Dieters can eat more restricted food, without increasing glucose level. For example, with typical pasta limits are set at 50-100g but with reduced carb pasta 200-300g is possible, depending on permitted carb intake and individual carbohydrate tolerance.
    • Eating less carbohydrates than required results in a lower glucose level.
    • Eating the right amount of carbohydrates keeps glucose levels in the normal range for required insulin / medication.
    • Diabetics can cut down their insulin and diabetic medication dosage in long term.
    • Diabetics can save money on insulin / medication.
    • These foods do not cause sugar cravings.

    Perfect Body & Heart Café also recommends consulting with your GP on the benefits of low carbohydrate foods.

    People who suffer from illness related to diabetes:

    • A normal glucose level can slow down diabetic illnesses such as heart and kidney disease, high blood pressure and ulcers.
    • A low carb life style can slow down illnesses with eating by keeping the glucose level within the normal range.
    • Those suffering from illnesses save the time and money it requires to visit doctors, as well as on medication.

    People with weight problems:

    • Obese and overweight people find it easier to lose weight without starvation.
    • Allows those with weight problems to eat usually prohibited such as food, pastas, jams some sweets.
    • A lower carb and calories intake helps to lose weight, while you can eat a larger amount.
    • Helps to keep glucose levels within the normal range.

    Office workers:

    • Can help to maintain or lose weight for those without the opportunity to exercise regularly.
    • Can help to prevent diabetes and its future illness.


    • Can help overweight and obese children maintain or lose weight without avoiding pasta and jam.
    • Can help to prevent future obesity.
    • Can help to prevent diabetes and its related illness.
    • Can help active but overweight or slightly overweight children to prevent insulin resistance and excess weight gain.


    • Can help people food lovers to stay healthier without changing their eating habits and lifestyle.
    How to get the best benefits from Perfect Body & Heart Café food?

    We recommend incorporating our products as part of a regular diet in order to enjoy their long term benefits. Additional lifestyle changes such as increasing exercise can also bring about better results. Low carb dieters must be committed to staying below their carb limits at each meal time, and avoid 'cheating' in the form of snacking between meals.