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Low Carb Diet- Why You Should Reduce Your Carb and Sugar Intake

Low Carb Diet-Reduce Your Carb And Sugar Intake
Dr. Afzaal Ahmad Researcher at American Association for Cancer Member American Society for Microbiology and Medical Researcher  Low Carb Diet Carb...

What does a cheap bread and pasta contain?

What does a cheap bread and pasta contain?

What does a chep bread & pasta contain?

Increasing diabetes & obesity and increasing digestive problems and allergies in UK. More and more people are experiencing gluten intolerance symptoms and digestive problems leading people to change for gluten free lifestyle. What is strange most of time the test of gluten allergy and intolerance is negative.

While people change gluten free lifestyle to make their body free of symptoms within a short period they experiencing gain weight and higher glucose level. People do not know what gluten free products contain. Gluten free products free from wheat but not free from carbs. Gluten free products contain starch what is a type of carbohydrate spike glucose level and more added sugar what is also, spike the glucose level leading people to diabetes and obesity.

Root of gluten intolerance symptoms. Hybrid wheat.

This could cause hybrid, artificial high in gluten wheat, added gluten and added artificial ingredients. Moreover, the percentage of wheat content, gluten content, added sugar and bulking agents of end products. Problem is that, human body and its genes needs hundred thousand of years to adapt genetically unknown artificial ingredients. What a cheap bread and pasta really contain?


What presents should not buy for diabetics?

What presents should not buy for diabetics?

The whole idea of a gift is to make the recipient happy, but there are times when you have to make that person's health an important consideration.

There are some people who may argue that “it’s the thought that counts”. They buy sugary gift items that are likely to impact on the recipient’s glucose levels, believing that it's up to them how much of the gift they eat, or indeed, whether they eat the gift at all.