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Gluten Dairy Sugar Free Paleo White Choco Strawberry Granola

No Added Sugar Granola is a high fibre, ready-to-eat toasted cereal made from 100% natural ingredients such as gluten free oats, strawberry almond and baked without added sugar. Contains only naturally occurring sugar and carbohydrate absorption is low and slow. This granola is perfect to those who are on low carb diet or trying to reduce their carb and sugar intake.

This product supports 10 different lifestyles or diets.

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Low Carb Pasta Tufoli

Low Carb Wheat High Fibre And Protein Pasta Tufoli 1Kg

These large, grooved tubular noodles are great for runners or different sauces. Even spicy sauces, such as meat or vegetable ragouts, such as eggplant, are good for the extravagant pasta. If you like you can also fill and bake them.

This pasta supports 7 different lifestyles or diets.

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Sugar Free Candies

We understand that when you buy candy, you buy a little bit of joy. Candies, reminds us of happy times past and helps us create happy memories for savoring in the future. Candies brightens bad days, and rewards us for deeds done well.
Delicious, sugar and guilt free. Perfect choice to satisfy sweet cravings. Great for those on sugar controlled diet.


Sugar Free Wafers

If you are looking for the very best tasting wafers, then look no further. These gorgeous chocolate and coconut wafers are absolutely delicious when enjoyed with a hot tea, coffee or hot chocolate. They can, of course, also be used with desserts or just eaten on their own. Sugar free crispy wafer are filled with delicious chocolate or coconut cream for a real taste sensation.