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Xylitol Natural Sweetener Finland|

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Xylitol Natural Sweetener from Finland 1.5 Kg

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Xylitol Natural Sweetener from Finland 1.5 Kg

Glycaemic index 7

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol known as birch sugar. It occurs naturally in some fruit and fermented foods as well as in birch tree. It has a same taste as sugar.  

This sweetener supports 11 different lifestyles or diets

  1. Normal (diet free)
  2. Low carb
  3. Keto diet
  4. Calorie free
  5. Gluten free
  6. Protein free
  7. Fat free
  8. Sodium free
  9. Natural
  10. Vegetarian
  11. Vegan


High-Quality EU Certified 100% Xylitol

Does not affect blood sugar

Does not cause tooth decay

No bitter aftertaste like Stevia

Helps people trying to lose weight who have a sweet tooth

In general, xylitol is free of side effects in regular use.

GMO Free

Usage: Use as a table sugar in food and drink. You can replace sugar with xylitol in a 1:1 ratio. Ideal for cooking and baking as well as sweetening any drinks.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarian.

       Typical value per 100g                                

Energy: 240Kcal/1004KJ

Carbohydrate: 100g

Protein: 0g

Fat: 0g


Warnings: Extremely large doses can cause nausea, stomach ache or diarrhoea based on your individual tolerance. Xylitol can be highly toxic to dogs, leading to hypoglycaemia and/or liver failure.

What is the glycaemic index?

Glycaemic Index: (The glycaemic index (GI) tells us whether a food raises blood glucose levels quickly, moderately or slowly. Different carbohydrates are digested and absorbed at different rates, and GI is a ranking of how quickly each carbohydrate-based food and drink makes blood glucose levels rise after eating them. The GI index runs from 0–100 and usually uses glucose, which has a GI of 100, as the reference. Slowly absorbed carbohydrates have a low GI rating (55 or below). Low-GI foods can particularly help manage glucose levels.)  

Made in EU(Finland) Produced by Danisco in Finland.