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Sugar Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread

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Sugar Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread With Natural Sweetener 1KG

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Low Carb Sugar Free Hazelnut Chocolate Spread with Natural Sweetener 1KG

The Favourite Food of Little Squirrels

Hazelnut is the absolute favourite of little squirrels. Provide natural protein and essential fatty acids. It is very important that little squirrels receive these dietary components.


This delicious hazelnut spread supports 5 different lifestyles or diets.

  1. Normal (diet free)
  2. Low carb
  3. Sugar free
  4. Vegetarian
  5. Gelatine free

We do not use any artificial sweeteners.

No Added Sugar.

Free from artificial colour and preservatives. 

Does not cause carbohydrate and sugar cravings.

Easy to harden therefore this is the best solution of fillings of cakes, pastries, biscuits.

This product is diabetic friendly.

Suitable for vegetarians.

Typical value per 100g





of which saturates


Total Carbohydrate


of which maltitol


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Estimated total carbohydrate absorption






Ingredients: palm oil (non- hydrogenated from Greece and Cyprus), sweetener (maltitol, sucralose), fat reduced cocoa powder, hazelnut 15%(Nut), milk protein(Milk), fibre[oligofructose (inulin)], emulsifier: soy lecithin(Soya), aromas.

Allergens: Nut, Milk, Soya

Usage: Stir it before use. Apply it on warm or hot food. If hardened put on the top of radiator for 5 minutes or microwave it for 10-20 seconds then stir it.

Usage in cakes/biscuits/pastries: Fill the cakes/biscuits/pastries in warm temperature with hazelnut spread then store in the fridge or below 20-23C to harden the hazelnut spread. Hazelnut spread remain hardened room temperature below 20C.

Storage: Store at room temperature above 23C. Below 23C hazelnut spread could be harden and fats become white frozen. Do not store in the fridge.