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Premium Swiss Chocolate Collection|

Sugar Free Gluten Free Swiss Chocolate Collection 7x100g

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Sugar Free Gluten Free Swiss Chocolate Collection 7x100g

Alpine milk, produced by cows roaming the grassy crystal clear mountain regions of the country is a key ingredients of Swiss chocolate. Switzerland’s mountain regions stay untouched and clean. There is very little traffic, no industry and the air can remain crystal clear. These cows are raised on an organic diet of grass at high altitude in the Alps, which largely contributes to quality of their milk. The cows produce a more dense less aerated milk due to the fact they are at altitude and the milk they produce is officially known as Alpine milk.
These two main ingredients are a big part of the reason why Swiss chocolate is so famous.

The products support 8 different lifestyles or diets

  1. Normal (diet free)
  2. Gluten Free
  3. Low Carb 
  4. Sugar free 
  5. Diabetic
  6. Low sodium
  7. Gelatin free
  8. Vegetarian 

 Collection includes: 

  1. Dark 77%
  2. Dark 72%
  3. Dark 53%
  4. Dark 53% Stevia
  5. Milk
  6. Milk Gianduja
  7. Milk Hazelnut

Ingredients: Please see individual descriptions for Ingredients and Nutritional information.

Allergens: Milk, Nut

Storage: Store in a cool (16-18°C), dry and odourless place.

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