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Sugar Gluten  Free Dark Swiss Chocolate Collection 4|

Sugar And Gluten Free Premium Swiss Dark Chocolate Collection

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Sugar And Gluten Free Premium Swiss Dark Chocolate Collection 4x100g

Switzerland is known as the home of cheese, milk, banking, and chocolate. Swiss chocolates are world-famous. It's safe to say that chocolate—at least the smooth, delicious confection we know and love today—was invented in Switzerland. Until the Swiss entered the chocolate scene, chocolate was never anything more than a hot beverage. But in 1819 Francois-Louis Cailler created the first chocolate bar. Then in 1875 Daniel Peter, son-in-law of Francois-Louis Cailler, came up with the idea of adding milk to chocolate to reduce costs and make it more palatable. His neighbor, Henri Nestlé, specialized in condensed milk, and together they developed milk chocolate.

Switzerland is well-known for its chocolates and principal chocolate manufacturers. The production of chocolate is an important source of wealth for the country. Zurich is often considered the foundation for the country’s chocolate production. World-renowned chocolate brands that originated in Switzerland.
Chocolate production in Switzerland dates as far back as the 17th century. From the 19th century forward, until the end of World War II, the Swiss chocolate industry was heavily export-oriented.

  1. Sugar Free Dark Stevia
  2. Sugar Free Dark 53%
  3. Sugar Free Dark with Cocoa Nibs 72%
  4. Sugar Free Dark Ecuador 77%

Ingredients: Please see individual descriptions for Ingredients and Nutritional information.

Allergens: Milk, Nut

Storage: Store in a cool (16-18°C), dry and odourless place.

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