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Xylitol natural sweetener or birch sugar. Does not effect glucose level. Tooth friendly. Sweeten your food and drink. Ideal for cooking and baking. Use as a table sugar. Same taste as table sugar. Heart-Cafe.
Xylitol Natural Sweetener 1.8Kg+Free Shipping

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Xylitol Natural Sweetener 1.8Kg+Free Shipping

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Sweeten Your Life


Glycaemic index 7

Xylitol is a sugar alcohol known as birch sugar. It occurs naturally in some fruit and fermented foods as well as in birch tree. It has a same taste as sugar.  

Advantages: Does not affect blood sugar, does not cause tooth decay. In general, xylitol is free of side effects in regular use.

Usage: Use as a table sugar in food and drink. You can replace sugar with xylitol in a 1:1 ratio. Ideal for cooking and baking as well as sweetening any drinks.

Suitable for vegan and vegetarian.

       Typical value per 100g                               

Energy: 240Kcal/1004KJ

Carbohydrate: 100g

Protein: 0g

Fat: 0g

 Warnings: Extremely large doses can cause nausea, stomach ache or diarrhoea based on your individual tolerance. Xylitol can be highly toxic to dogs, leading to hypoglycaemia and/or liver failure.

What is the glycaemic index?

Glycaemic Index: (The glycaemic index (GI) tells us whether a food raises blood glucose levels quickly, moderately or slowly.Different carbohydrates are digested and absorbed at different rates, and GI is a ranking of how quickly each carbohydrate-based food and drink makes blood glucose levels rise after eating them. The GI index runs from 0–100 and usually uses glucose, which has a GI of 100, as the reference. Slowly absorbed carbohydrates have a low GI rating (55 or below). Low-GI foods can particularly help manage glucose levels.)  

Made in EU/PRC