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Low Carb Gluten Dairy Sugar Free Creole|

Low Carb Gluten Sugar Dairy Free Big Easy Creole 350g

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Low Carb Gluten Sugar Dairy Free Big Easy Creole 350g

Laissez le bon temps rouler means let the good times roll in New Orleans (or have thee sen a reet cracking time up north) and it encompasses the easy-going lifestyle in the city.

Our Nowt Poncy® Big Easy Creole Sauce is inspired by the cooking in New Orleans and our Creole is AMAZING with chorizo and prawns or chicken. 

We were gobsmacked when we got the nutritional back. It’s certified Gluten Free at and contains ZERO added sugar. it will contain naturally occurring sugars however. It’s also low in fat and saturated fat just like our other sauces. What’s a Creole I hear to shout?

Well at one end of the Cajun cooking scale is Gumbo, a soup or broth. At the other is Jambalaya which is cooked with rice much like a paella. Creole sits in the middle and whilst it has some spice it’s very subtle and is served over rice.

Ours is a red Creole because it’s got tomatoes in it which is how it’s served in New Orleans. Green Creole is a more rural, earthy food served in homes out in the bayou’s. We think it’s a winner and hope you do too. You can have it ready in under 20 minutes so it’s ultra-easy to prepare.

This product support 11 lifestyles or diets.

  1. Normal(diet free)
  2. Gluten free
  3. Dairy free 
  4. Natural
  5. Low calorie 
  6. Low fat
  7. Low carb 
  8. Sugar free of Low sugar  
  9. Low sodium
  10. Gelatine free
  11. Vegetarian 

 Typical Value per 100g  



125kJ/30 kcal


0.9 g

of which saturates:

0.2 g

Total Carbohydrate:

5.2 g

of which naturally occurring sugars:

2.8 g


1.9 g


1.2 g


0.5 g

Ingredients: Tomatoes (63%), Green Peppers (11%), Water (9.3%), Onion (8.3%), Celery (5%)(Celery), Garlic, Olive Oil, Hot Saice, Worcestershire Sauce (Fish), Salt, Vegetable Stock (Celery), Pepper. 

Allergens: Celery, Fish  May contains: nut, sesame, shellfish 

Storage: Once opened keep refrigerated and enjoy within 3 days..

Best Before Date: Bottom of the jar