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Low Carb Orzo Pasta Rice Substitute|
Keto Orzo Pasta Rice Substitute 500g|
Keto Orzo Pasta Rice Substitute|

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500g Low Carb Keto Wheat Free Orzo Pasta Rice Substitute

Heart Cafe

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Low Carb Keto Wheat Free Paleo Orzo Pasta Rice Substitute 500g

With 4 Free Range Eggs 

Excellent Rice Substitute for Asian Caribbean South American and Oriental Food

This low carb and Keto Orzo, also known as risoni, is a form of short-cut pasta, shaped like a large grain of rice. Traditionally used in soups, stews and risotto.
Perfect for Asian, Caribbean, South American, Oriental food as well as meat casseroles, stews, risotto, in tomato soup and salads or as an accompaniment to any hearty dish
Heart Low Carb Orzo Pasta is an excellent choice for people with diabetes and low carb dieters as well as people who follow a low carb or even ketogenic diet.
It will keep you full, give you bundles of energy and help you stay in tip top health. 

Helps you to reduce your carb and sugar intake without a strict diet and stay healthy.
Choosing a variety of low carb or keto foods will help to make your meals interesting, so that you don't get bored with your diet. Great substitute of full carb pasta, rice and potato.
This pasta supports 9 different lifestyles or diets
  1. Paleo

  2. Low carb

  3. Keto diet

  4. Low calorie

  5. High protein

  6. High fibre

  7. Wheat Free

  8. Natural

  9. Vegetarian


Quick cooking time.

You do not need to avoid your favourite pasta dishes for fear of excess calories. 

Natural ingredients and wheat free. 

The product does not cause carbohydrate and sugar cravings. 

High in fibre therefore fill the stomach up faster and keep it satisfied longer. Perfect substitute of rice and potato. 

This product is low carb and diabetic friendly.

    Estimated carb absorption per 100g cooked pasta:5.5g

    Typical value/100g uncooked product





    of which saturates




    of which naturally occurring sugars









    Ingredients: paleo pasta flour (resistant tapioca starch), flour of oily seeds (coconut flour, almond flour(Nut)), dietary fibre, (water soluble and insoluble) whole egg powder(Egg), apple flour, egg white powder(Egg), salt(1.3%), whole egg(Egg), water. 

    Allergens: Nut, Egg

    Cooking Instruction: Very quick cooking time therefore, do not leave unattended during cooking. Cook the pasta until you get the preferred softness. Otherwise, put the pasta into boiling water (5 times as much water than pasta) and cook for 2-4 minutes keep carefully stirring until soft. 

    Storage: Store in a dry cool place under 23C. Protect from sunlight.

    What is Paleo Diet?

    A paleo diet is a low carb or keto dietary plan based on foods similar to what might have been eaten during the Paleolithic era, which dates from approximately 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago. Other names for a paleo diet include Paleolithic diet, Stone Age diet, hunter-gatherer diet and caveman diet.

    Purpose: The aim of a paleo diet is to return to a way of low carb healthy eating that's more like what early humans ate. The diet's reasoning is that the human body is genetically mismatched to the modern diet that emerged with farming practices.

    Heart Low Carb Orzo Pasta is an excellent choice for people with
    diabetes and low carb dieters as well as people who follow a low carb
    or even ketogenic diet