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What presents should not buy for diabetics?

The whole idea of a gift is to make the recipient happy, but there are times when you have to make that person's health an important consideration.

 Did you know that if you give a diabetic an incorrect present, though you may bring a smile to their face, you could also be putting them at risk?

Reaching for traditional gifts by habit.

The pressures of modern living mean that we are all busy and under pressure. When we have a forthcoming birthday, anniversary or it's Christmas – or perhaps want to give a present to say thank you - it’s all too easy to reach for the traditional gift items. This often entails sweets and chocolate, or sugar-laden cakes and biscuits.

It could be time to stop and think whether that is the most appropriate present for someone you know who has a diabetes diagnosis.

Is it their responsibility to control their diet?

There are some people who may argue that “it’s the thought that counts”. They buy sugary gift items that are likely to impact on the recipient’s glucose levels, believing that it's up to them how much of the gift they eat, or indeed, whether they eat the gift at all.

But think about that for a minute. You could be giving the person a gift they simply can’t use – which is a little unkind. Either that, or you're putting temptation in their way. Even people who are knowledgeable about their condition, and who are trying to maintain a healthy diet, can slip up. Especially in the face of a delicious treat they received for a special occasion. They could decide to risk the consequences, as you have kindly given them items that they long for and have previously avoided.

Would you want to be responsible for someone being tempted to take a risk, that could result in them becoming seriously ill? Potentially they could even slip into a diabetic coma with fatal consequences.

We're sure that you will agree it makes more sense to take time over your gift and find something they genuinely like, that doesn’t impact negatively on their diabetes.

I didn’t know they had diabetes!

What if you take a gift for someone and when they open it they admit they have diabetes?

It is best not to think “Oh well, it’s not my problem as I didn’t know". This is one occasion when etiquette allows you to take the present back from them. The recommended action is to take the sweet treat back to use for another person. Then simply promise to replace the gift with something more appropriate.

Alternative gifts for people with diabetes
Clearly, there is a range of gifts you can choose that don’t carry the health risks of every day confectionary, cakes and biscuits. That includes our range of low carb sweet treats and other delicious food aimed at providing an interesting but well-managed diet.

Why should people with diabetes miss out on treats and lovely food presents? Simply choose with care, and you can provide that smile as well as a healthy gift.

On our website, you will find a range of tasty products that are made from only the best ingredients. This includes staples and treats ideal to help reduce or maintain glucose levels for anyone with diabetes.

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